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Allergic Diseases

Homeopathy aims at not just temporarily fixing the symptoms that are a result of the allergic reaction, but it uses a treatment which helps a patient resolve the underlying problems that cause the allergy. This means that a more effective cure is devised by the doctors using homeopathy. At Khushi Clinic we check for the medical history of the person and take them through various tests to look for the main reason of the allergy and then we build a treatment plan that is individualized for the person suffering the allergy. In doing so, we are able to effectively treat allergies and ensure that the results are effective in nature.

Allergies can be of various types. A person can suffer from food allergies, skin allergies and other forms of allergies like latex, bee-stings, pollen, etc. Sometimes, allergies can get better over a period of time and you may notice fewer symptoms. Children usually tend to outgrow their allergies as they grow up. As the immune system begins to weaken with age, many elderly people also find that their body reacts less to allergens. However, in some people allergy symptoms can be persistent and it may even continue to grow worse.

Allergens or the things that cause an allergy are simple things which are otherwise harmless, but your immune system considers it to be an intruder and begins to fortify itself to fight against the allergen. This is when you begin to notice the symptoms of your allergies. In most of the people, your genes are responsible for the way your body reacts to allergens. For some people, allergies can develop suddenly and they may become allergic to something which they have been exposed to before without any problems. When a person develops an allergy, the body requires treatment to help your system identify allergens as harmless things so that they do not trigger the symptoms. Homeopathy is very effective in helping your body alleviate the reactions to certain triggers.

Symptoms and Signs

Depending on the type of allergy you have, you may notice changes in your skin, eyes, nose and chest. Other parts of the body may also be affected, but these are the most common areas where affected by allergic reactions.

  • If the allergy affects your skin then you may begin noticing a sense of burning or itching and you may develop eruptions, rashes or hives on your skin.
  • Some allergic reactions involve the eyes, where your eyes may begin to water, they may get swollen up and you may even notice redness in your eyes.
  • Many allergens affect the respiratory tract, and patients may experience coughing, wheezing, suffocation and breathlessness.

While most of the patients will be able to explain their allergies to the doctor, tests can help establish the problem. These tests can involve a blood test, skin patch test and a skin prick test. All these different types of tests helps the doctor understand what could be the underlying cause of a problem. It helps doctors create a treatment plan that will be most effective for the person.

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